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Here at Ray Page Plumbing Inc., we strive to provide fast, quality, and friendly water test services so that we can work together to get your water back to how it should be. When your house’s water starts acting up, it can be for any number of reasons. Whether it’s an unusual smell, appearance, or taste, these are factors that need to be checked on as soon as possible to avoid any potentially dangerous scenarios with your water. Once you complete our free water test, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to share our findings and let you know how we can fix it as quickly as possible. 

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We can offer further testing or lab services as well!

Not just drinking water!

If you have hard water, your clothes DO NOT come out as clean.  Soaps and detergents tend NOT to lather properly, in turn not washing so good.  Also, colors tend to fade and clothes feel itchy-NOT FUN!  Hard water can also damage appliances and clog lines.  


You can see it on your pipes in the basement, maybe around you bathroom faucet.  Have it on or around your shower-head?  Rust and corrosion is often a sign of water quality issues.

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